auto sync to an external audio file

Hi All,

We're a community DAB radio station, we're about to switch to a live visual radio in the next weeks, most of the technical issues are solved, but in order to get the best of the video, we'd like to add one more thing.

Most of you probably don't know what "vidigo" is, it's a comp)lete solution for visual radio that we don't really need, regarding what we're are allready able to do, but this software is also able to sync a video file to his original audio when played from the radio automation software.

I'm looking for someone that would be able to do such thing beetween our automation software & casparcg. I've been in touch with some dev in netherland that made this using casparcg, but it's part of a complete and very expansive package called radio tools, and what we only need is this "sync to audio" tool.

to be more accurrate, here's exactely what this should perform.
the radio playlout software plays a track that is the audio from a video stored in the casparcg server, it auto syncs the video rendering till the end of the track.

note that the radio software is very easily able to send informations over network.

here's a description of what we're able to do for now:

- live video with ptz cams autoswitch and control using audio from the different microphones inputs.
- automated lower thirds for tracks tags, social networks, and community informations.
- start switch some video files from the playout software in vmix /video switcher and/or casper cg.

We can plan to give a few euro's to someone that could do this for us.

I hope this was the right place to ask for that, if not, sorry.
thanks for reading me,

Re: auto sync to an external audio file

I know VidiGo quite well. What I think would be possible is to make Caspar play a videofile with the same track as the audio file is, based on the informations in the radio software. But the audio for the video would come from the videoclip playing in Caspar, so no synchronization would take place. That would raise the need for the radio system to send a mix minus feed of the whole output audio but without the audio of that track. So for all moderstions and jinhles etc. the sound would come from the radio automation and the sound of the music video clips would come from caspar. Would that be a comromize you could live with?
Didi Kunz
CasparCG Client-Programmer, Template Maker & Live CG-Operator
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