Caspar Flash Templates that forces upper case

Hi all you smart Caspar users,

I struggle with getting my template to force uppercase text. I've created an actionscript on frame 1, that converts all text to upper case, and it works as expected, when I create a Flash Movie, but it doesn't when I create the Caspar Template.

I've attached my template.

What am I doing wrong?

Kind regards and thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Caspar Flash Templates that forces upper case


sorry, but I don't have a flash development enviroment on my system.
Could you please post just your code in

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[code] tags

But I guess I already see the problem. There is no as3 file in your package. As I said before, you need to overwrite setData() and that should be done in a separate as code file which you then import. Don't put your code into the timeline. I'm not a flash developer, but what I read in the forum, this is a common error.

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Re: Caspar Flash Templates that forces upper case

i was searching for the exact same answer and found it hiden somewere in the forum.
in the client 2.0.7 you can now just activate the "use uppercase data" checkbox and do not have to force it in your template
i just share it here, because i was also reading this post befor i found the answere elswere
maybe this will help some noobs like me to find an answer quicker
force template uppercase
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