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at "Clients for controlling CasparCG Server" ... 700#p14700 I introduced my little Fistball-Client. To a better overview in the thread, I have created a new thred and edited my old article.

So here we go:


I created a special client for displaying lower thirds and a scoreboard for a sports called "Fistball / Faustball". It is written in Visual Studio Express 2012.

Here a screenshot from the user interface:
There are two main sections: scoring and lower thirds.

In scoring section, you manage the score. It is similar to volleyball. In this case best of five. Every set normally ends at 11. There are two templates: for displaying in runnung set (current total set result und current result in set) and complete match (all sesults from all sets)

In lower third section, you can display lower thirds from both teams and from stuff (e.g. referees or officials). For teamplayer, also special lower thirds for warning and suspension are available - but not needed ;-)

There is also a lineup for every team.

Caspar and this client were used for graphics at video-livestream from national indoor championship 2014 Oldenburg, Germany.

Here the videos: (Graphics only at match-videos, not at "Siegerehrung" - victory ceremony)

The first experiences were positiv, but I have to modify something.

Special thanks to Didi for his support.

EDIT 2014-05-09 :

Here the link to the project files

It is also part of a tread about a football client.

The client works proper, but is not finished. So there are some functions for customizing the template usage on "Tab Page 5", which have to be finished. There is also unused code inside.

Currently I work on a new version based on my expiriences at the Chamiponchip talked above. I want to support tactical lineups (which person plays currently and at which tactical position) and substitutions. So I had to separte the persons on the playground from thus, not playing. The informations about teams and persons comes from an XML file, which must be located in "C:\"

Some newer informations coming the next days....

Re: CG Client Faustball - My Fistball client

The modified client and new templates were used at "6th world champinship women 's fistball 2014 in dresden".
The most important change was the implementation of separated lists for players and substitutes. So it was possible to handle substituions and to display a tactical lineup.

The videos can be watched here: ... out-st.php (original livestream)

Austrian television (ORFplus) used the recordings for broadcast (Final with ORF comentary)

A new expirience is the need to grow up the area for scoring. I'll post a new screenshot later. And I removed the "on air" displays and replaced the "tally" by using the background color at scoring area.

Re: CG Client Faustball - My Fistball client

This is great, I would love to make something similar to this for my broadcast.

Is there any advice you could give on where to start?

I am not a skilled programmer but focus most on graphic design and video editing.
I would be willing to hire a flash developer to create the build and then be able to operate during broadcast.

Thank you,