News Studio - published

But I want to see your opinion.

I have been work hard about one year.
This is result:
We produce Local News like this:

You can download free trial (no key or registration required).
You have to download SD or HD demo template also for full presentation of all features.
Just unrar it into /dovecher_templates folder located in your media folder.

04.11.2013 - included demo Basic Template in installation
05.11.2013 - at this moment PAL only (NTSC soon)
01.12.2013 - PAL/NTSC, new GUI, streaming inputs, preview windows, mini template editor

If you have some questions please contact me at

Thanks to CasparCG for this great product.
Thanks to Alex from BroadcastPlay for encourage.

Feel free to comment. Give me suggestions.

Zoran Dovečer
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Re: News Studio - published

ddonoghue wrote:hi dovecer, I was just looking to download a trial of nrcs to evaluate the 3 parts of the system but your website says version 2 trial is coming soon.

any chance I can get something before the end of this week? I need to make a very quick decision about it :)
It will be finished.
Please send your mail to

Re: News Studio - published

ddonoghue wrote:any news yet? :)
We were finally able to announce a new version of News Studio.
At this link you can download a demo version.

Unfortunately we were not able to properly test it but we will work on it.

For now, you can only test News Studio application. It is a completely stand-alone solution for the news production as you can see on our website.

The new News Room application will be ready by September 1st.

If you have additional questions, please post them via email.

Best regards

Re: News Studio - published

carlosowusu wrote:Hello

CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ALEX TO REPLY MY EMAIL? I have been requesting a refund from your company (its obviously the same company!) and all my mails have gone unanswered!

It is NOT the same company.
It was NEVER been the same company.

Re: News Studio - published

Now I see now that this message is the reason that anyone could think that our company is frivolous.

I suppose Carlos thoughts on Alex from BroadcastPlay.
I know Alex and I know that working hard and I'm sure everyone will respond.

Regarding our company.
No mail or other kinds of contact in our address did not remain without an answer within 12 hours regardless of the working day. We all offer maximum support and help in the work.
There is only one buyer (David Silva) asked for a refund (and immediately got it) because he bought our solution and did not read instructions which says that we only support Decklink inputs. And that's no problem.

I apologize to this message, but we started receiving questions and direct requests in which this site source of bad vote on us. Maybe it's logical because we come from the same country but I repeat: We've never made ​​the same product and we are not the same company.

I'll take if from customers he had objections to some of our product and we will try to make a better product, but the support we invest a lot of time and I'm sure everyone will be satisfy.

Zoran Dovecher

Re: News Studio - published

didikunz wrote:It's a pitty, that you suffer from misslead bashing of BroadcastPlay (or what it's called today). I hope, that this will stop. By the way: Do you show your product at IBC or at least be there?
We are not ready for IBC this year, but we will prepare for IBC 2016.